How to compel clients with a squarespace site


You want your phone to ring off the hook right? Well, think about your website first and foremost! It’s your calling card to reach new customers and crucially remain in their memory no matter what. How do you do that you ask?

Its all down to branding, but more than that its your image eto text ratio that will lend you to remain in your customers heads.


Be bold, and you will find your clients think of you when they think about that new ‘restaurant’ they saw advertised online. Your images are selling you to your customers so make sure they are web ready, stand out, and are compelling.

Don’t be afraid to be fun, with your images. Squrespace enables you to format your images so they are web ready, but their guidelines will enable you to make sure your images are at their optimum size for view.



Dont skimp on uninteresting text, no one wants to read something that puts them to sleep, so every part of your pages on your website must be carefully succinct, and tell what is crucially a powerful story. Gone are the days that a website is about ‘everything’ that business has to offer, and now are the days that the website is a ‘portfolio’ of that business, be it a restaurant or a clothing brand. Less is more.


Look around you at other websites. Do they fall short or really wow you with their design? What’s hot and what’s not? Pay attention to your competitors and you will always be ahead of the curve. Don’t be afire of change, we are at a point where online marketing is crucial to all business and you need to be ale to update your business model to reflect that, or you will risk falling short.


Gone are the days of the hard sell. People want to know what is behind the brand or the company, they want to now the story. Which takes us back to write a compelling story to showcase your vision of your world. Your vision, mission and values need to be reflected in your message you deliver, even if that message is the best ‘cheese pizza’ in the land, you need to convert people into lovers of your brand through ‘personal connection’. Put the time in, and so will your loyal customers, and they will whats more tell all their friends and business acquaintances alike, therefore enabling a new spike in your brand and, crucially sealing your position as a brand they can trust.

In todays world, trust needs to be earned and authentic. Want to learn more? Send me an email.