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Rubix offers you a vision for the future, an aesthetic that will rise your company/brand into a unique arena of mega-brands, of companies that truly understand themselves and their creative capacities intimately.

Rubix delivers. We build custom designed fully integrated websites and facilitate visual change for your company, developing  a strategy of key wording and SEO to suit your needs in this creatively competitive marketplace. 

As designers we offer visual branding solutions, tailored intricately to your company vision, mission and values in:

X logo design

X photography

X video production

X animation

X video editing

X graphic design for digital and on-line media

X social media content creation and strategy

What's more we won't go anywhere.

We remain as consultants for all your web and branding needs.



“I loved working with Rubix design. They helped me see what I couldn’t see for myself. I needed to take my brand to another level and they helped me create a contemporary and visionary platform for my clients to navigate through my site. They were so easy to work with, quick to respond and incorporated some ideas that I also had in mind. Even if you are lost they will help you create something beautiful. Thank you!! Xo”
— Emma M- satisfied client

“Completely transformed my out-of-date, plain-looking music website into something that not only caught the eye right off the bat with stunning images (that she took by the way!!!—-also an AMAZING photographer FYI), but was personalized so it reflected me and the image that I want to get across. She’s a genius at working with you to not only ensure that your website looks good, but that it is also representative of you. Also, as an added benefit, she made it really simple to make edits—-great for us technologically impaired folk. Won’t be using anyone but her for website design in the future!!!”
— -Katie Mitchell satisfied Client

“If you’re looking for a competent, smart, talented and prompt web designer/ photographer than look no further. I was so impressed by the level of professionalism and content that was produced by Rubix and would highly recommend them!
They helped me out with photos for my site and turned my project from a mess to perfection.
Prices are extremely reasonable for the level of quality revived and the woman I worked with, Thea was awesome!! Thank you Rubix!!!!”
— -Amy Winberg satisfied client

“I hired Thea at Rubix to re-design my blog, The Food Pervert and she did a great job! She was very efficient and got the job done in a short amount of time compared to most designers. I was able to have great conversations with her too during the process which made things much easier. I am very happy with the work she did and how well my new site turned out!”
— Tara Redfield satisfied client

“If there were more stars to give I would! Such a great service. From web design to photography Rubix is my go-to and always delivers more than expected. Super professional and friendly with great vision and work ethic. Always a fast turn-around and superior product. I never have waited for a result or a response. They always capture my vision SO perfectly. Love working with Rubix!”
— Meagan Jackson satisfied client

“Transferred my impossible to edit,out of date 2005 html site, into a beautiful easy to edit masterpiece! Seriously look at and how modern, simple and classy it is. All for $500!!! They put their heart and soul into this and I am so pleased, telling everyone I know about Rubix! One hint, she works fast and you must have everything ready for her, and be ready to answer her questions (she is not Nostradamus),submit your ideas, pictures and text. I wasn’t so prepared, but she was still patient and flexible with my terrible clues as to what I wanted, and delivered beyond my dreams! Bravo Thea, and Rubix Design for really changing my business marquee! BTW the day after the site was published I had a one of my biggest new leads in a year called me and became a customer!!!”
— Harold B satisfied client

“Such an amazing experience. Fast excellent work! Just what I needed and wanted. So easy to work with RUBIX! Thea, thank you so much! I definitely will be recommending you to others!!!”
— Jamie Elise satisfied client
“I am so happy with my website. Thea did such a great job. She took my vision and made it come to life. The colors and scheme really flow well together. Couldn’t be more happier. She was very helpful and listened to my ideas and offered her professional thoughts as well.”
— Desirae Soliz satisfied client